Forests Packaging Group was founded in 1986 by packaging expert Jessica, is a company engaged in all kinds of paper packaging, such as paper boxes, corrugated boxes, color cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, paper bags and more, it is one of the top 20 companies in China.
Since 2006, Forests Packaging Group begins to enter international markets, and has discovered more than 200 countries and regions in the past 14 years. The most popular markets are the United States, Australia, and Canada.
Forests Packaging Group has 36 years of packaging so far. During this time, Forests Packaging Group is focused on packaging industry, and developed many packaging-related products, such as paper bags, paper boxes, EPE sponges, EVE high foams, stickers, and more.
With core competence in color cardboard boxes, Forests Packaging is a stable partner for outstanding customers such as Bayer, Macy's, HP, Jockey, Walmart, Azzurro, Lancôme, and more.
Forests Packaging Group by virtue of outstanding customer service and eco-friendly materials to become best chooses for global clients. Forests Packaging Group's customers cover all countries and industries all over the world.
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After several years of development, Forests Packaging Group has become a leader in one-stop packaging solutions, with a total of 5 subsidiaries:
Forests Packaging Material Co., Ltd
Solve supply and demand problems from the start of materials.
Iforests Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd
It is a trading company affiliated with the headquarters.
Coffe Packaging Group Co., Ltd
This is a factory, the main project is manufacturing production, and it has laid an important foundation for our integration of industry and trade.
Unison Packaging Co., Ltd
The company's main project is printing, which contains CMYK printing, and Pantone printing.
Chiquita International Logistics Co., Ltd
Build up a perfect and strong logistics network that enables us to deliver a job in the best way while remaining cost-effective.
Forests Packaging Group cooperation area involved are becoming increasingly broad, from food, equipment, shipping, express, cosmetics, jewelry, beer, etc. Reliable quality, professional service, made forests packaging become the leading company in packing industry.
We have joined several exhibition shows all over the world, make more and more partners recognize us. Their mission is to deliver great results for your company's bottom line, and the secret to their success is their "can-do" attitude to every packaging requirement, you will never regret choosing us.
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